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Terms and Conditions

Statement of a Consumer’s Cancellation Rights (Consumer Protection Act, Article 58)

You may cancel this contract, for any reason whatsoever, during a 10-day period after receiving the contract and the documents that must be annexed to it.

If you do not receive the goods or service within 30 days following the date shown on the contract, you have 1 year to cancel the contract. However, you lose this cancellation right if you accept delivery after the said 30-day period.

The cancellation period may also be extended to 1 year for other reasons, specifically for lack of a permit, absence or lack of suretyship, lack of delivery or non-compliance of the contract. For more information, contact legal counsel or the Office de la protection du consommateur.

When the contract is cancelled, the itinerant merchant shall reimburse the entire amount of money that you paid him and return any goods to you that he received as payment, in exchange or as a down payment; if he cannot return the said goods, the itinerant merchant shall pay you an amount equivalent to the price of this good indicated in the contract, or failing that, the value of the goods within 15 days from the cancellation date. Within the same period, you must return the goods that you received from the merchant to him.

To cancel the contract, simply return the goods you received from the itinerant merchant to him or his representative, or return the form annexed to the contract, or send him another written notice to this effect. The form or notice shall be addressed to the itinerant merchant or his representative, to the address given on the form or another address for the itinerant merchant or representative shown in the contract. The notice shall be given in person or sent by any other means that allows the consumer to prove that it was sent: by registered mail, email, fax or courier service.

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