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Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Why Springtime Pest Control Is A Must For Your Home

Many pest problems emerge with warmer weather, either because bugs spawn more quickly or because they awaken from dormancy. With spring on its way in Canada, you may be wondering when spiders, wasps, ants, and mosquitoes will return to your house. Naturally, this raises the question: when is the best time to schedule a pest control treatment in the spring to leave your home pest free?

How often do you really need pest control?

Expert pest control companies recommended a regular pest management control throughout the year in order to keep your house pest-free and prevent infestations. If you choose a professional pest control company, quarterly or every-other-month services are frequent enough to keep your home clear of unwanted pests.

However, if there is a higher level of infestation as is the case for commercial buildings, restaurants and houses with a mature landscape with a lot of vegetation, pest management may be required more regularly than every two to three months. 

Monthly pest professional management is sometimes required in homes with surrounding lakes, dense grasses, forested regions, numerous flowers or ornamental beds, intensive mulching, and so on. This is especially true when dealing with common pests like ants, cockroaches, or stinging insects which are notoriously tough to eradicate.


Pest control packages 


Severe Infestations

If you have a major pest infestation, like a rat or mouse infestation, your property may need to be inspected and treated on a regular basis until the colony is completely destroyed. Depending on the intensity of the infestation, this could take several months. The frequency with which you will require pest treatment is determined by the type of pest that has made its home within your property, the length of time the property has been infested, the location of the colonies, and the maturity and spread of the infestation. 

Unfortunately, once an infestation is under control, many of the factors that contributed to the invasion in the first place will still be there. This is why it’s critical that a pest control firm correctly identifies not just the type of insect infesting your home, but also the species, because different species of the same bug may necessitate different treatment procedures. For example, some ants eat sweets while others eat proteins so identifying the ant correctly is crucial in determining which type of bait goods to use to eradicate the infestation from your home.


How to keep bugs out of the house


What should you do when springtime pests get in your home? 

You should regularly clean your house to avoid attracting unwanted pests on your property. However, if springtime pests get in your home, the best thing you can do is contact a pest control company which offers residential, commercial and industrial extermination services. Exterminators know which treatments to use for different types of pests and can develop an action plan to get rid of infestations quickly and efficiently. 


How much does an exterminator cost in Quebec?


What are the benefits of spring pest control?

Pests can structurally damage your home and bug infestations can cost you a lot of money down the line. Routine pest control maintenance serves as a preventative measure to keep bugs away so that you can avoid unwanted surprises in the future. 

Keep Pests Away

An extermination service package keeps pests and everything associated with them away from your property. They include a certain number of visits from exterminators in order to ensure your peace of mind. Get 10% off now!

Protect From Damage

Termites and rodents can cause significant damage to your property and go undiscovered as they gnaw their way through wooden support beams, the inside of walls, and other areas where wood or cellulose is present. By the time you realize they're there, they've probably already done a lot of damage. A pest control specialist can inspect your home and property for evidence of pests and quickly and effectively eliminate them. When it comes to pests, prevention is key! 

Free From Contaminants

Pantry pests such as pantry beetles, ants and cockroaches can easily sneak into any food you keep around the house if it is not securely packed. If mice get inside, even packed products can be nibbled through. All of these pantry bugs contaminate your food while wasting the money you paid for them. Food should be stored in sealed containers to keep it safe for consumption. 

Save Money

Some may claim that routine pest control maintenance is not worth the money, but depending on the situation, an infestation might cost you tens of thousands of dollars. If rodents or wildlife wreak havoc beneath your house, the price of getting rid of them, clearing away any debris stained with urine and feces and repairing any damage they've caused, can quickly pile up. These problems can be avoided with a monthly care package, saving you thousands of dollars and avoiding the hassle that comes with insect infestations.


Many bugs leave behind pollutants that are hazardous to human and animal health. Rodents, insects, animals, and other pests leave behind waste that can spread disease or cause allergic reactions. Bed bugs are known to trigger allergic reactions as a result of the waste they shed, while rodents are known to carry parasites and diseases. Even if rodents live beneath your house, the air quality of your living area can be harmed. 


What is pest management and how does it work? 


Springtime pest control tips for your home

Keep Your Garden Tidy

Looking at the landscape and making sure trees don’t reach buildings and properties is something facility managers do to avoid bugs from making their way inside homes or businesses. It’s also important to pay attention to shrubs and bushes. You should keep them from becoming too bushy and overgrown because that's an ideal environment for small rodents like mice and rats.

Clean Food Areas

Because all living things require food and water, pest infestations can occur in areas where human, or pet food and drink are consumed. As a result, you should sanitize these locations on a regular basis, empty garbage bins and dumpsters frequently, and place dumpsters away from any of your facility's entry points. It will go a long way toward reducing pest activity in the building if people are educated about the significance of keeping doors closed, maintaining areas clean, and keeping an eye out for signs of pest activity. 


How do you prevent pantry pests? 


Extermination services 

Pantry bugs can do a lot of damage to food and kitchens. To keep your mind at ease and limit damage, pest control is required. Exterminators can help you prevent pests and get rid of them by giving you expert advice and support before, during, and after the process. If you've discovered evidence of damage and or you just want to get ahead before springtime pests arrive, feel free to call us.


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