Drain flies exterminator

Drain flies are greyish gnats that are 2 mm to 3 mm in length, massive and fuzzy in appearance. Also called moth flies, they live two weeks at the most in ideal conditions. Normally not harmful, they become a real nuisance when they find a place with decomposing organic matter that is sitting in stagnant water. That is why we often see these flies around drains, sewers, sinks, sanitary facilities, compost, gutters and septic tanks. Active mainly at night, drain flies search for organic matter on which they feed and lay their eggs. They can often be found in the biofilm created by an accumulation of water and debris in the corners and joints of drain pipes.

The key to controlling a drain fly infestation often resides in sanitary maintenance recommendations.  Our pest management technicians are experienced in the development of long-term control solutions to solve this type of infestation.