Pillbugs exterminator

Pillbugs are not insects. Just like lobsters and shrimp, they belong to the class of crustaceans. They are oval and grayish and are 13 mm to 15 mm long. Their backs are a soft shell. They have 7 pair of legs and 2 pairs of antennae.

Development and Behaviours

The female pillbugs place their eggs in the stomach pouch of their bodies, where the eggs hatch. They keep their young in this pocket for about 40 days. On average, they have 24 young at a time, and their life cycle may last up to two years. Pillbugs cannot live in dry places; instead they live in dark areas and they feed on rotting organic matter. When there are a lot of pillbugs inside, there are even more outside.


  • Use a dehumidifier or fan to reduce the humidity as much as possible in the basement and ensure that the foundations aren’t cracked.

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