Racoon exterminator

Raccoons are known for their habit, more or less true, of washing their food in water before eating it. Racoons are nocturnal animals and can easily climb trees with their agile fingers and sharp claws. Their fur is black and white with slight tinges of red. They are easily recognized because of their black mask ringed with white around their eyes and furry tail with alternating light and dark rings. Opportunistic and omnivorous, racoons adapt to numerous environments, be it in the country, the city or the suburbs. They are between 65 cm and 96 cm long. The largest males may weigh up to 28 kg but generally, their weight as adults varies between 3 and 12 kg.


If you eliminate its food source, the racoon may move away. Using a cage is the best elimination technique available. If they are in an attic, light and music causes them to flee.
N.B.: In all cases, after being captured, the animal must be relocated 15 to 20 km away in order to keep it from returning.

In spite of vaccination campaigns in certain regions of Quebec, racoons may be carriers of rabies, distemper and scabies, as well as parasites (parvovirus and leptospirosis infections). According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, rabies can also be transmitted to humans by saliva. Because of the risk of transmission of disease or infections upon contact with a racoon, we recommend that you call upon extermination professionals to capture and relocate this mammal. Contact us today.