Wasps are also known as “yellow jackets” or “hornets” and are between 10 mm and 25 mm in length. They are easy to recognize with their black abdomens with yellow or white rings. They are social insects who live in colonies with one or many queens, workers, and males.

Development and Behaviours

When wasps build their nests near homes, or even in the house’s foundations, they can be a danger for both humans and pets. If they are disturbed, they will not hesitate to use their stingers in order to defend their hives. Getting stung by a wasp is quite painful. In addition, it is estimated that approximately 17% of the population risk having an allergic reaction that can even cause anaphylactic shock.


When a wasp nest is visible, keep people and animals away from it before destroying it. Spray directly into the opening of the nest. It is recommended that this work be done when the sun has set, to prevent the presence of wasps still flying outside the nest. It is not recommended to knock the hive down by spraying water, because this causes the wasps to be more aggressive and to stay nearby. They may even attempt to repair their hive. In certain cases, the nest may not be visible or be inaccessible if it is established within the building structure or up high. In all cases, our technicians have the expertise and know-how to get permanently rid of a wasp infestation.

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